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Amateur broadcast on commercial television dboyt on 19/1/14
With proper ID and protocol, it doesn't matter if you're being filmed or on live TV.
ALC voltage range for YAESU FL-2100B Porschetony on 22/8/12
Yes, but you need to start out with it turned down as low as it will go. Then follow the instructions in the FL2100 manual.
1/4 VS 1/2 WAVE VERTICALS N2GVO on 29/7/12
The issue is common mode current. Remember, RF MUST return to its source. In a dipole antenna, that is the opposite leg. In a vertical, that is the ground plane (typically radials). If the current flow between the elements is imbalanced, the imbalance flows on the outside of the coaxial feed as common mode.

At low power levels, there isn't too much worry, but there can be. At high power levels (>20 watts), all sorts of maladies can, and do, occur.

Half-wave, loaded verticals work fairly well, and long as they're not subject to heavy loading from near by structures (trees, buildings, even fences). This is the reason their owner's manuals state that they must be mounted free and clear. Mounted close to the ground, or near other structures, conducting or not, they're difficult to tune, if not impossible.

The bottom line truth is, it is very difficult to surpass the performance of a simple dipole, even one which is electrically shortened. You just have to decide how much effort you're willing to put into your antenna installation. While you're thinking about that issue, remember too, any antenna is the most important, single piece of hardware, you'll ever purchase!
Need programming for HX240V WD4PLB on 23/7/12
Good luck!

You'll need the serial programing cable. You can buy that on Ebay for about $30. You'll need the DOS based software, and that's out on the web if you look hard enough. Besides the need for a DOS OS, you'll need a serial port. It will not work with a serial to USB adapter.

This radio went out of production in 1997, if memory serves. Standard has long since declared it a legacy product with no support available.
cushcraft r8 antenna problems Bmagill on 12/7/12
No mercy needed. MFJ's warranty is solid! Again. Make sure you have the box attached correctly. It is very easy to get it wrong.

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