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ATT U-verse TV system KF0IQ on 22/4/16
Okay. Thanks for the response. I'll do more testing here before I bother Mike. I need to verify if it is on one or more channels. I just now installed a low pass filter at the radio end of the coax and will run some tests later this evening. Lastly, if still no resolution, I will put a different TV and set top box in that location and see if it acts the same.
ATT U-verse TV system KF0IQ on 22/4/16
I've had u-Verse in my home for about 10 years. Last year I installed a GAP Titan DX vertical antenna mounted on an aluminum fence about 30 feet from the house. I have 5 TVs in the house and the one which is physically nearest the antenna is the only one affected by RFI when I am on the air. I could use direction to help isolate what is causing the it spurious radiation from the coax or the vertical antenna, or might it be the fault of either the TV or the U-Verse set top box. I run 100W SSB and CW, and the XYL informs that the TV picture and audio blanks with my voice or by the CW keying. I learned only this week that the same symptom happened when on my new elecraft KX3, running only 15W CW. I don't own a dummy load but was thinking of obtaining one to isolate the problem as being in the coax or from the antenna. I wonder if a low-pass filter at the transmitter end of the feed line would have any effect with today's solid state technology (in the TV).. I do have a Low Pass filter to try next. Additionally I was thinking of moving one of the other flat screen tvs and associated u-verse controller into the position of the failing TV. While I contemplate those suggested diagnostic moves, can you suggest what I might be overlooking, and would you suspect the U-verse set top box could be the culprit? Thanks. Mike Pilgrim, K5MP, Boca Raton, Fl

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