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Mini USB Programmer w2wo on 4/10/12
On the bottom of page 3-2 of your book (revised edition) you mention a possible disk for USB drivers (for the USB programmer).

Also, the kit comes with a metal plate that rather obviously attaches to the bottom of the prototype board, although I cannot find it mentioned in the documentation. Is there a particular purpose for this metal plate?


Bill Ogden
Mini USB Programmer w2wo on 2/10/12
I am new to this, with two very basic questions:

1. The ZIF socket does not have a "notch" (or dot) to match the PIC module. Is the ZIP socket lever in the "dot" position? Should the PIC be installed with the dot next to the lever, using the socket spaces closest to the lever?

2. USB drivers from the CD-ROM for the board? Is this the main CD-ROM that came with the kit? Otherwise, where do the USB drivers come from. (I have not tried it yet, pending a response to the first question.)

Bill Ogden

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