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Why does this happen? 0001582470H80 on 12/4/12
There are many CW operators that just don't do contests and are not able to get on the radio unless they either use a WARC band or try to squeeze inbetween the QRM.....Perhaps 10 Khz on each band should be left clear for those who simply enjoy rag chewing with thier friends.....lets face it......contesting has almost a week end activity because of the countless contests that are being held.
Contesting has become a mania.
Why does this happen? 0001582470H80 on 12/4/12
Quote by W1RFIAdmin
So on July 4th, a fellow drove to his local town park to take his usual evening stroll. He was dismayed that the parking lot was full and he couldn't find a place to park his car. He finally found a spot on a side street and walked to his favorite part of the park.

He was dismayed again to find a lot of other people there. Everywhere he tried to walk, there were people walking in front of him and sitting down in the places he usually wanted to stroll. Once in a while, one of the people actually jostled hm a bit as they tried to walk around him. After a bit, one of the people told him that everyone was there to see the fireworks.

He hadn't come to the park to see the fireworks, and he just wanted to walk in the places that he usually walked.

That day, it didn't work out very well and he walked off to a part of the park that was just as pleasant, but that seemed to have a lot fewer people.

None of this justifies the "take over any frequency" approach that some in contesting use, but it also drives home a point that in a common resource, there will be times when a lot of people want to use the resource at once to do something different from what we may want to do.

I look at contests the same way that I see the 4th of July fireworks. If I don't want to watch the fireworks, I stay home and clean my shack.

Ed, they don't have fireworks every week end either.. W1OBJ Jim

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