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2 m FM Repeater Control Jun 28th 2018, 06:05 4 2,270 on 28/6/18
QSD (Tayloe detector) Spectrum Inversion? Apr 19th 2018, 14:10 2 1,333 on 19/4/18
I/Q Demodulation and Analog Processing Apr 5th 2018, 15:10 4 913 on 9/4/18
Parts List Entry for Potentiometer with Switch Apr 3rd 2015, 18:53 1 1,531 on 3/4/15
Parts List Entry for Hand Wound Magnetics Mar 7th 2015, 20:10 4 1,612 on 11/3/15

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2 m FM Repeater Control WN8P on 28/6/18
Hi Bill, this is Larry.
Part 97.201(b) as Part 97.205(b) is what frequencies the station may operate on. The local repeater association, of which I am the vice president, is putting forth an effort and spending some money on implementing auxiliary control to turn the (2 m) repeater off (and back on again) due to whatever reason. This controller function can be done by telephone line, internet connection, or radio link. If by radio link what frequency is dictated to be used?
2 m FM Repeater Control WN8P on 28/6/18
Would someone please point me to the Part 97 rules for repeater control, that if done by radio the frequency used must be greater than 220 MHz?
QSD (Tayloe detector) Spectrum Inversion? WN8P on 19/4/18
Is there a spectrum inversion that takes place when using a quadrature sampling detector (Tayloe detector)?
I/Q Demodulation and Analog Processing WN8P on 9/4/18
Hi Zachary, Thanks for the links. The CU lab write up was what I was looking for and is complementary to EMRFD clause 9.2 Introduction to the Math. What I meant by how to implement using analog circuitry is how to implement a squaring function, a square root function, an arctan function, and a differentiation function using analog circuitry.
I/Q Demodulation and Analog Processing WN8P on 5/4/18
I am looking for information that gives the mathematics of the output for an I/Q demodulator for various signals, such as for AM: C(t) = [i squared (t) + q squared (t)]1/2 power. And how to implement using analog circuitry.

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