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Email forwards still slow or not working KA0MVK on 5/6/13
Update. Tried a test message from my work email about 15 or 20 minutes ago via the ARRL and it has not arrived (nor any other forwarded email for about 3 hours). I just tried sending an email from my work email directly to my Comcast address (the one to which ARRL forwards) and it arrived in about 30 seconds.
Email forwards still slow or not working KA0MVK on 5/6/13
In the past couple or three weeks I have had several people tell me that my emails to bounced. In the last several days I have received on the front page half the times I logged in a notice that email was bouncing. There have been a number of several hour long periods during which no mail arrived. I do not have any spam filters set (other than the standard filter in Outlook, but that is not the issue, and in any event any emails in the spam folder obviously were forwarded) and have not changed any configurations or ISP (Comcast) for years. This is definitely an issue that it not related to individual members.

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