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The CQ DX Marathon by CQmagazine IK0OZD on 30/11/11
I find the CQ Marathon a fun thing to submit, doesn't take much work to do so. AD1C has a nice tool to convert ADIF files to the CQ DX marathon spreadsheet here:
No rules when contesting???????? w3jkc on 28/9/11
Hi, Ed - no doubt there are inconsiderate contesters. But there are just as many inconsiderate rag chewers who run power when they don't need to, overmodulate and splatter and feel that they "own" certain frequencies.

There are inconsiderate SSTV operators who seem to feel they own certain frequencies and it is OK to start sending on top of someone using that frequency.

There are inconsiderate DXers, county hunters, etc - about the only ones I can't think of having some level of inconsiderate operators are QRPers, but that may just be because they aren't loud enough to bother anyone!
ADI to Cabrillo n1naz on 28/9/11
LogConv does it, but you have to pay $5 I think.

73 John K3TN

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