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fldigi WF button bug May 30th 2017, 18:37 2 5,676 on 31/5/17
Fldigi - unstable cursor in newer versions Jun 5th 2016, 22:01 2 6,173 on 6/6/16

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fldigi WF button bug 0006089399H80 on 30/5/17
Using fldigi 3.23.19 with Win 7, all satisfactory for many months. Recently, pressing the WF button (to change waterfall to scope etc.) causes an immediate program exit! This now also occurs with many older versions of fldigi which I have retained, so I suspect the problem in in a config file. But where in this lengthy file? Any thoughts?
Fldigi - unstable cursor in newer versions 0006089399H80 on 5/6/16
I run fldigi 3.21.85, which is getting long in the tooth. I use fldigi to log contacts whether "digital" modes or not - which means I have to enter the call, QTH, etc. by hand. When I try to upgrade to any version above 3.21 (including the most recent 3.23.03) the cursor becomes ill-behaved; that is, when I use the mouse to move the cursor to the "call" box and left-click, the cursor should stay there even when the mouse moves elsewhere. This frequently leaves me typing in some area which was not intended. Clicking on the frequency box and then returning to the call box fixes this situation.
Do others see this? Is there a cure? Is there any way to bring this to the attention of the folks who maintain the program?
Thanks - George, W3HBM

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