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Windom antenna. How to design the choke. Feb 14th, 15:40 2 266 on 14/2/19
HDSDR is not working. Feb 15th 2018, 18:43 2 2,177 on 26/2/18
Windom for 80 - 10. Choke or not choke? Jan 25th 2018, 15:22 2 1,150 on 25/1/18
Support for wire antennas. Wire or rope? Jan 25th 2018, 06:19 3 1,276 on 25/1/18

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Windom antenna. How to design the choke. N1AUP on 14/2/19
I built an 80 meter Windom antenna following these instructions.

As I understand things, I have to build a choke to keep RF off of the coax feedline. I bought 1 foot worth of ferrite cylinders, and am going to put them on a piece of RG8X cable.

The plans suggest that I need ten feet of coax between the antenna balun and the beginning of the choke. I've also read that you don't need the 10 foot section.

Does this antenna need a choke? What distance from the antenna feed point does the choke have to start? Is 10 feet the right length? I think the 8x that I bought at HRO has a foam dielectric.

HDSDR is not working. N1AUP on 26/2/18
Problem solved. I found the entry "Options / Misc Options / Reset to factory settings". That fixed whatever was not set right in the software.

HDSDR is not working. N1AUP on 15/2/18
I purchased an RTLSDR box off of Ebay, to use as a PAN adapter for a Kenwood TS590SG.

When I run HDSDR, I don't see any signals showing up on the PC screen.

Here is what I've done so far.

I confirmed the Kenwood is putting signal out on the DRV port, by patching same into the SO239 on a second receiver.

I connected the SDR to the PC, installed the Zadig drivers, Omnirig, and HDSDR.

SDRSharp works. I see signals, and hear audio that matches what is coming in on the Kenwood if I manually sync the two.

HDSDR talks to the Kenwood just fine. Changes frequency and mode.

When I run HDSDR though, I see no signals on the screen, and hear no audio coming out. I'm betting that I have the software set up wrong, but after hacking around for four weeks, I'm no closer to finding a solution.

Is there someone who is intimately familiar with HDSDR who can talk me through settings to find out where I'm messing up? I'd love to get it working so I can see signals on the various bands.

Support for wire antennas. Wire or rope? N1AUP on 25/1/18
Thank you for answering both questions. First rate!

Windom for 80 - 10. Choke or not choke? N1AUP on 25/1/18
I'm putting up a home brew WIndom antenna. I read the following articles to figure out how to put one together.


The second article says that you need a choke on the coax feedline to set up a vertical radiating part of the antenna.

The first article says that the choke isn't necessary. In fact, it says that the choke will make the antenna perform more poorly than if you leave it off.

Which is correct?


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