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DMR Discussion Net. 5/15/2019. May 6th, 06:53 3 503 on 1/6/19
Windom antenna. How to design the choke. Feb 14th, 15:40 2 720 on 14/2/19
HDSDR is not working. Feb 15th 2018, 18:43 2 2,677 on 26/2/18
Windom for 80 - 10. Choke or not choke? Jan 25th 2018, 15:22 2 1,408 on 25/1/18
Support for wire antennas. Wire or rope? Jan 25th 2018, 06:19 3 1,538 on 25/1/18

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DMR Discussion Net. 5/15/2019. N1AUP on 1/6/19
The net is on.

Wednesday, June 5th, at 7 PM Eastern time, on Tac 316.

If everything works out, we'll be talking with Steve Galchutt, WG0AT, about coffee!

We'll ask him about the history of this popular beverage, how coffee is grown, processed, and shipped to market.

We'll talk about the different kinds of coffee, and how to judge coffee quality.

Best of all, he'll teach us how to buy raw beans, and roast our own, and then brew the perfect cup.

Join us at 7 PM on Wednesday for what should be a truly interesting discussion.

DMR Discussion Net. 5/15/2019. N1AUP on 14/5/19
Net has been postponed due to technical issues with my colleague's hot spot. Will update when the problem has been solved.

DMR Discussion Net. 5/15/2019. N1AUP on 6/5/19
f you'd like to be a part of a ham radio conversation that goes beyond name, QTH, rig, antenna, weather and "how about those Sox", then join us for a bi-monthly discussion net on DMR Talk Group 316.


First and third Wednesday of the month.
7 PM Eastern Time.

Some nights, we'll discuss a topic that might involve engineering, computers, philosophy, history, economics, psychology, or popular culture. We'll post some written, video or audio references before the net to provide a bit of background, and we'll engage in a polite, formal round table discussion. We will try to avoid contentious issues like abortion, religion and politics to keep things civil.

Some nights, we'll have a guest interview, and we'll open the floor to questions from participating hams.

We might even pick out a book, for a book discussion. We're flexible at this point.

First net will be on Wednesday, 5/15/2019 at 7 PM Eastern time on Tac316.

Check back here for updates and a listing of reference material for the net. We don't have a web site set up as of yet.

Hope to see you all on Tac316.

Windom antenna. How to design the choke. N1AUP on 14/2/19
I built an 80 meter Windom antenna following these instructions.

As I understand things, I have to build a choke to keep RF off of the coax feedline. I bought 1 foot worth of ferrite cylinders, and am going to put them on a piece of RG8X cable.

The plans suggest that I need ten feet of coax between the antenna balun and the beginning of the choke. I've also read that you don't need the 10 foot section.

Does this antenna need a choke? What distance from the antenna feed point does the choke have to start? Is 10 feet the right length? I think the 8x that I bought at HRO has a foam dielectric.

HDSDR is not working. N1AUP on 26/2/18
Problem solved. I found the entry "Options / Misc Options / Reset to factory settings". That fixed whatever was not set right in the software.

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