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Why does this happen? 0001582470H80 on 5/4/12
Their can be some other explanations for this. And I have heard it a number of times. I may hear two or three west coast stations all on the same frequency. You need to go and look up their location on QRZ and then sometimes you can assume they are in each others skip zone. So they listen. Hear a clear frequency. Ask maybe "Is this frequency in use?" Nothing. So begin to call CQ. the 2nd station can't hear the other station and so it goes. I even gave a report once and received a report from two stations at the same time. 1 push of the mic and two QSO's - it can happen. The other which happens to me is the bands shift and all at once I begin to hear the other stations running with a CQ. For a while be both lived in our own region then the bands open up and QRM results. Most of the time we need to give each other the benefit of the doubt.
Congratulations ARRL Contest Branch! K1IR on 22/7/11
Yes looking forward to some quality discussion. Carl

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