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Which fuse to use? Sep 12th 2012, 00:48 3 4,628 on 12/9/12

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Which fuse to use? N8FNR on 12/9/12
Thanks for the reply. I will go with the 1A fuse.

Which fuse to use? N8FNR on 12/9/12
I recently bought a switching gasafet ARR preamp for 70cm to use with a Arrow dual band handheld antenna to hear the downlink from the FM satellites.

The preamp draws 100ma at 12v and the wire I am using is 16 gauge and about 1 meter long.

I would like to fuse the positive line because I really want to protect the preamp and wonder what is the ideal fuse rating I should use?

BTW I went to Radio Shack today and the smallest rated fuse they had was a quick blow 1/4 amp for 250v.

Would it be ideal to use a blade type car fuse rated for 1 amp for my application as that seems the lowest rated commonly available one?

Any suggestions on this will be greatly appreciated.


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