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Building the Loop Skywire Antenna Feb 1st 2018, 13:26 4 6,589 on 5/2/18

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Building the Loop Skywire Antenna K9FNN on 5/2/18
Zak, thank you very much for your insights about my question. Think I will just go back to the author's original design and see how it works at my qth. My problem is that in West Texas trees big enough to hang antennas from are rare. So, I will have to erect wire supports no matter the antenna configuration. Thanks, Howard
Building the Loop Skywire Antenna K9FNN on 1/2/18
Reference: The Loop Skywire article written by Dave Fisher, W0MHS in November 1985 QST

The author show the 80 meter Loop Skywire antenna having a total loop perimeter of 272 feet with each side being 68 feet. I live in the country and have room to put up a larger perimeter Loop Skywire antenna. Is there a performance advantage to be gained by doubling the perimeter of the antenna to 544 feet with each side being 136 feet? Thanks for any input given.

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