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Does your school have and use an HF or VHF Station K9CPO on 20/3/12
At Tulsa Community College, we use my call as we never have gotten around to get a ARC call. Students are free to use their calls and during contest. Our station set up is
HF: FT450, SDR-IQ, AL811, Antennas: 3 ele Tri Jr., 40m sloper, 40-160m L-wire, and 6 band CC Vert.
VHF/UHF: Transverters 432 MHz and 1296 MHz, Antennas 16 * 10 ele yagi array (70cm EME) and a 8 ft long Horn (HB) for 23cm can see on QRZ.
The frequency we do antenna contest on is 432 MHz. All students are required to design and build and antenna for the contest.

Tommy WD5AGO
Happy to see this forum AD6QF on 20/3/12
Hello Group

I agree Bob! I have not followed closely the Teacher Institute group but am available if anyone is looking for ideas on electronics used in the classroom. We have a ARC at the college were I instruct electronic and engineering courses and hold testings 2 times a year. Last semester we had 11 pass. One student activity is a antenna design and building contest, a small antenna range is lower cost than teachers may think. We would enjoy setting up radio experiments with another school. We do have a moon bounce station if that is of some help.

Tommy WD5AGO

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