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Need 2M antenna for attic KD8SCX on 14/7/12
I suggest you go to Radioo Shack or Fry's and get some coax and a couple PL259 or "N" connectors, 1 female connector , a couple of pieces of brazing rod and make a 1/4 stub with radials and mount it on a piece of PVC. No gain but it';; get you going for very little cost outlay. Once you've calculated the lengths. use your SWR meter for final tweaking. bending the radials down about 45 degrees will get you in the ball park and it could even sit on the legs.
Dick KH2G
Battery Charging kf7vxa on 6/6/12
Actually the setup described works quite well. If the batteries are really low, you might have a bit of whine but a bypass cap on the charge line should take care of it. In the "Mother Earth News" I've seen a number of similar setup used by those who prefer to stay off the grid.
Dick KH2G
Another new source of RFI on 70CM K8WHB on 5/6/12
I would not think these devices are part of a life support system so interference with them will be more of a nuisance factor to them as they to us.If they are a part of a life support system, it was ridiculous to design it around these freqs. Understood spectrum is getting tighter and tighter.

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