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W1AW on BATC.TV Sep 18th 2011, 01:35 3 8,038 on 21/9/11

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And now I am General class Passed my US Technician license test today N4AAB on 8/6/13
Congrats and Salutations!

Enjoy your new license class as you pursue our hobby.
Email forwards still slow or not working KA0MVK on 8/6/13
I just became aware of this issue on mail forwarding. You all have a lot of good ideas flowing on where to look for problems.

I had the ARRL.Net forwarding address set up twice, but was forced to abandon it twice due to SPAM/UCE coming in almost exclusively from the ARRL.NET forwarding. Almost all of my SPAM went away when I turned it off. As it stands now, I am not convinced to return to this "benefit."

But, I never had email forwarding problems such as you describe here. I hope the ARRL can resolve it quickly.
Water near boat as a counterpoise? KE7UGT on 27/9/11
Hello Rick,

There is a maritime mobile section at ARRL website that offers some information along the line of your question.

Good luck !

73 Raleigh AC5JW
W1AW on BATC.TV AC5JW on 18/9/11
For those familiar with, the W1AW channel is listed as a repeater stream accessible fro the ATV repeaters link off the front page.

For those unfamiliar with it and wishing to view it, they will see links to ATV repeaters on the home page, select the link, and then find two listings of repeaters called live (streaming) and non-streaming channels. W1AW will be listed once under one of those categories and you only need to click on it and submit to watch the channel.

ATV repeater streams are not to be confused with another link for member streams, which is for individual BATC ham members to stream their on television content. Member streams are selected similarly to the ATV repeater streams.

73 Raleigh AC5JW
W1AW on BATC.TV AC5JW on 18/9/11
A few hams have discovered a new digital television channel from W1AW at BATC.TV and made welcoming comments to W1AW.

What are the plans for W1AW to utilize this channel? Any details on its operation or schedule to be shared ?

Once W1AW's operation over BATC.TV is more developed, it might make a good article for QST to announce it and get more hams to visit it.


Raleigh, AC5JW

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