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Contesting ethics K0HB on 30/7/11
Herein lies my beef with the assisted category. With a large quantity of stations in the assisted cat, I sometimes feel hobbled by claiming it (which I do every time). My average station is in no way in competition with the "contest station". While I enjoy that competition, I think that it might keep newbies from taking part in our fun.

I know we have a rookie roundup for brand new ones. Maybe we need to have a cat for "apprentice" operators with modest stations but limited experience, using assistance of spotting and others. My idea is sort of based on the staggered start of a marathon. The competitive runners start first and others follow. They all are still timed but the slower runners don't slow down the competitive ones and the other runners can reach their potential. BTW I think I am out of the apprentice cat by virtue of having operated in too many contests.

I think the playing field may be too level for some budding contest ops.


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