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HW 100 Received Audio Distortion Mar 12th 2017, 13:33 2 8,472 on 13/3/17

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HW 100 Received Audio Distortion WVoo5Ham on 12/3/17
After restoration, my hw 100 transmitter works perfectly with excellent audio reports verified by other hams capable of making accurate measurements; bandpass measured at 200 to 2800 hertz. The received audio sounds very raspy and takes very fine tuning to get a reasonably understanding of what is being said. The audio stage measured bandpass is down 40% at 400 hertz but increases rapidly and is fairly flat out to 3500 cps. The speaker has been replaced, circuit voltages are within specifications and the product detector has be substituted with a transistor design but the problem is still there. Being the SSB bandpass transformer (T 202) is used in both transmitt and receive mode it's reasonable to believe the problem is not there. Request thoughts from fellow hams.

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