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Power LIne Question Dec 11th 2015, 19:20 4 6,834 on 15/1/20

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Power LIne Question W4DD on 15/1/20
Follow up from an old posting. I located the noise and it was 1.7 miles from my QTH. The cause was a power pole where the cross arm bolt was arcing to a metal bracket. Once I identified the pole, the power company quickly found the problem. de W4DD, Atlanta area
Power LIne Question W4DD on 11/12/15
I am working with the local power company to find several noise sources. One is to the SE direction from my tower and reads S-9 on the TS-690 (AM mode). What I am wondering is how far out do I need to look for the source. My tower is at 90Ft with a 5EL 10M yagi. We have focused most of our time out to 1/2 to 1 mile. Should we be looking farther for a source that is S-9. Area is semi rural, mostly flat.

When DFing, I am using a 137MHz, 3EL yagi and a HT tuned to 137MHz AM. That seems to work pretty well for 100-200 Ft. The power company rep uses an Ultrasonic detector and needs to be at the base of the pole. If anyone has done lots of this kind of work and has some past experience in appropriate distances, would appreciate some pointers.

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