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LOG4OM new release Feb 4th 2013, 12:11 1 831 on 4/2/13
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Free Log4OM Logging software Easter release. G4POP on 18/4/14
This weekend we are releasing the latest update of the free logging software Log4OM V.1.17 that contains many new and unique features.

Free download at:

User manual at:

Log4OM user forum at:

New features in this release.
• Full support of SOTA with integration to the SOTA Mapping Project and a specific export/import facility for SOTA CSV’s – See detailed information below.
• New award manager for user-defined awards added together with a set of basic awards e.g. WAB, WAI, IIA, WFF, NATS, World lighthouses and more.
• SOTA and the new user defined awards results are displayed in the ‘Statistics and Awards’ windows.
• Integration with HRDLog online net facility added to the Log4om Net Control.
• LOTW ADIF download now updates award status.
• Added WAC Award support.
• Added CQ WAZ Award support.
• New upload of LOTW and EQSL QSO status to HRDLOG added.
• New FISTS, FISTS_CC & SKCC support.
• Added TX power settings below 1W (Mw).
• Complete automatic backup & restore of user configuration data added.
• Integration of the IK3QAR QSL manager database information in the Log4OM Label printing system for more accurate manager data.
• Added an automatic backup when opening another logbook without closing Log4OM
• Added support for ADIF 3.0.x (import/export)

SOTA support in detail

The latest version of this free logging software Log4OM provides full SOTA support for chasers, activators and S2S

We decided to not just include the new ADIF fields for SOTA, as most other software developers do, instead we enhanced the basic ADIF fields by including many extra features:

• The full summit list of all SOTA Associations and all of the summits worldwide enables instant SOTA reference lookup whilst adding the QSO.

• The user can add updated summit lists downloaded from SOTA at any time.

• SOTA CSV export already correctly formatted for instant upload to SOTA, no external software required for conversion.

• Import of downloaded SOTA CSV’s from the SOTA site can be directly imported into the Log4om logbook and existing QSO’s updated with the SOTA data.

• By clicking a SOTA reference in Log4OM the SOTA Associations, Regions and summits can be viewed in interactive maps online in the "SOTA Mapping Project" The maps provide a wealth of information, from summit positions, activation status and panoramic views, real-time spots of SOTA activations, user-defined tracks and routes to users' favorite summits, and much more.

• Supports Chasers, Activators & S2S activities.

• Full statistic analysis by band, mode, association(s), date range and worked/confirmed status for all three SOTA activities.

• DX Cluster can be filtered for SOTA activities

• Log4OM cluster alerts can be configured to alert of a SOTA activity by email, push alert to mobile phone of tablet, audio and on screen warnings

Terry G4POP
Log4OM Development Team
LOG4OM new release G4POP on 4/2/13
The latest release today of the free LOG4OM logging software now includes a unique Net Control program which can be used by controllers and participants alike.

LOG4OM also now includes the start of our SO2R support which will be enhanced during coming months.

This new release and updated user guide, which details the new features, is available now and can be downloaded free from.....

There are several more program enhancement in the latest release all of which are detailed in the user guide.

Terry G4POP
New LOG4OM software release G4POP on 19/7/12
I assisted Simon Brown to develop HRD for seven years but when the program was sold and became a commercial entity I started looking for a worthy replacement.

Six weeks ago I found LOG4OM which is written by a brilliant and enthusiastic Italian programmer and radio amateur Daniele Pistolatto IW3HMH and I was astounded at how far he had progressed is such a short period of time.

Fortunately Daniele was happy to have some assistance with developement so my good friend K7PT and I have joined forces with him to drive the software towards being one of the top FREE ham radio software packages available.

The latest version of LOG4OM has now been released here

Here are the release notes for fixes and new features implemented since the last Beta release

Two new features were added..

1. Added Browser tab to main screen and cluster window buttons now provide a lookup facility in this browser with either or HamQTH

2. User now has a facility to send DX Spots directly from input screen

These issues were fixed.....

CAT - Rig control from the QSO Info (F1) window changes cluster mode
CAT - Cat selection "Cat will now switch to Digital"
CAT - CAT control via OmniRig with ICOM7410: Cluster spot sets for digital either CW-R or RTTY-R
Cluster - Persistency of cluster settings now saved
Cluster - Cluster Tab F9 settings now persistant.
Cluster - Digital mode caused cluster filter in main screen to change to SSB portion of the band
Cluster - Cluster log on commands for VE7CC now has user defined option
External Services - Default country data base updated
Import / Export - ADIF export and import now handling correctly
Import / Export - Export of Adif from Alpha 2 prior to import to problems fixed.
Import / Export - Import of ADIF with QSO's above 6 meters fixed
Import / Export - ADIF import text file now saved
Import / Export - FLdigi ADIF import problem fixed
Import / Export - QSL sent date now correct
Import / Export - ADIF import fields fixed
Label printing - Label print now working, caused system to hang, then exception error and crash
Statistics and Awards - Report Printing layout foxed
User Interface - Integrated browser page added
User Interface - Call and country identity with slash calls now works
User Interface - Added a TEN TEN input field to the archive manager edit screeen.
User Interface - Multiple database backups no longer deleted
User Interface - After new adif import from previous version, freqs are now correct
User Interface - Reorder selections in alphabetical order
User Interface - Log4OM cluster window the "connection" run script logon issue fixed
User Interface - Resent QSO display has no State field display fixed
User Interface -No 10-10 number field in the Recent QSO window fixed
User Interface -Backup file names need to identify database fixed
User Interface -Trying to add country in settings causes exception error now fixed
User Interface - Date and time format different in different windows fixed
User Interface - TEN TEN is now in the configuration windows and can now be added to data base
User Interface - Comments field needs expanding and changing to uper and lower case fixed
User Interface - Frequency display standardisation between input window and recent QSO window fixed
User Interface - Bulk deleting now possible
User Interface - Log Display missing after ADIF import into MySQL now fixed

We have five very minor issues to resolve before we start our program of adding new features.

Our policy is everything stops if a bug is identified and untill that bug is resolved we will not progress a new feature, this way we keep right on top of any user issues.

73 Terry G4POP

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