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Power Line Interference. KM3F on 17/12/11
How much line noise is acceptable? I have a tower with 3 ele 20 meter beam 80- ft from a 14 kv power line. With the beam pointed towards the powerline, i get s7 to s9 noise, pointed away from powerline s2 to s3.

Wideband RFI Bursts - Please Help! AC0XU on 17/12/11
Sounds like a problem than needs the help of the ARRL. Do a search on on "reporting RFI". The guys at the ARRL may help with Comcast RFI.
Good Luck,
RF getting into transmit signal KD6TR on 17/12/11
High Swr .....above 1.8 : 1 and the antenna too close to the operating position will also cause Rf in transmitted audio.

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