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Digital QST crashes constantly on iPad3 K9AO on 24/7/14
Many thanks to Diane who saw my post and replied by restoring my print copies.

I uninstalled the QST app from my iPad Air and reinstalled it. Then I let the app fully download the magazine I wanted to read (which can be very slow). That seemed to stop the crashes and I was able to move through the magazine quite smoothly.

As was first posted, it seems the problems occur when reading from the network, rather than as a downloaded file.
Digital QST crashes constantly on iPad3 K9AO on 22/7/14
The process of app updates has been a plague in various areas of the iOS experience. Why do we see such awful releases without serious testing? Formerly I could read most of the magazine with only an occasional crash. Still overall a good experience. Based on that I stopped delivery of the printed QST. Now with the "updates," the app is useless. I am fed up with the slow fixes and want to return to print. I've spent the last 15 minutes on the ARRL site trying to find how to edit that, waiting for very slow service. I'm unable to find the setting for receiving print QST. Frustrating! Thought we were all technology friendly and ready for dedicated digital use. Not so.

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