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Very Frustrated! N0IU on 28/3/12
I made it! I spoke with YB9WZJ on the morning of Mar 23rd and had a confirmation that evening. Try that with a paper qsl. Now, to figure out how to apply for DXCC.
Very Frustrated! N0IU on 20/3/12
Congratulations! Unfortunately, I feel your previous pain. I have been at 99 for too long now and hope that some of these folks I have worked who claim to use LoTW will soon upload their files. BTW, LoTW is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have been a ham for almost 24 years, but have never been good at the paperwork. Now, with LoTW, I have WAS confirmed and am within a key-stroke of DXCC. I look forward to CQ awards such as WAZ being included in the not-too-distant future.

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