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how to mount IC-7100 ? May 17th 2014, 15:03 2 6,114 on 21/6/14

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how to mount IC-7100 ? N2INM on 17/5/14
I am cosidering the IC-7100, but I can't think of a workable mounting solution. They call it a "mobile" radio, but the size and shape of the remote head does not lend itself to a viable mobile solution. The only place I can think of is, in the middle on top of the dash; but to be able to see the screen I would have to raise the back of the unit up, d/t the rear slope of the screen. The unit would be blocking my view out the windshield; which also happen to be illegal (I know the cops should pull me over d/t the obstruction. ). If you have one how did you mount yours. BTW: I would be mounting it in a Ford F-150.

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