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I am sorry, maybe I should have said awards instead of contests.... Worked all States, etc.
I wish someone at ARRL would seriously consider the benefits of allowing Romers to obtain credit for contacts made from their Romer location in the several VHF contests especially Satellite grid awards and worked all XXX awards.. Romers add a lot of contacts from locations that do not have many amateur radio operators present. For example the grid FN77XB west off the northwest coast of Prince Edward Island in Canada. Only three roads barely coming into the grid. Without a boat or a Romer, no one is going to have an easy time obtaining this grid.

I was a Romer for XE2AT for several years and added approximately 50 grids to his total, I got credit for the grids that represented stations that contracts me or that I contacted, but I was not allowed credit for the 50 rare grids that I provided to a number of contesters.

to incinitize individuals to become Romers, the contesting powers to be should seriously consider allowing Romers credit for the grid that they are located in.

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