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Digital QST Survey KE1CY on 14/11/12
I said several months ago the Digital QST was a disaster and bad technology--a disgrace for our hobby. I see now in December the same dumb protocol is used. I never access the digital edition and no one I know in our club or any of the Hams around here bother with the digital edition of QST. Obviously, someone is making money from a bad idea.
QST Digital Edition KM4VX on 17/6/12
There appears to be enough intelligent criticism of the QST Digital Edition to encourage ARRL to change what is clearly a bad mistake. I expect the ARRL to recognize its error and correct it; the PDF format is of course the most practical way to manage the Edition and make it accessible to the members. Presently it is a waste of time and effort and serves no one; admit the mistake and move on. I trust there is no personal financial conflict in the choice that was made! For many of us there simply is no QST Digital Edition, advertisements to the contrary. I wrote directly to ARRL Management last month about this issue; the response was purely defensive with no interest in correcting an obvious mistake.
QST Digital Edition KM4VX on 16/6/12
Sme local club members share our concerns and are unable to download the magazine. I also will not again bother to try and download the Digital Edition until it is available in PDF format, and uses a more common-sense software. I was unable to download the July edition at all and also found a Link did not work. This speaks very poorly to the technical expertise at ARRL.
QST Digital Edition KM4VX on 16/6/12
I find it incredibly slow to download the QST Digital Edition. It takes me less than a minute each week to download the ECONOMIST magazine. It takes several attempts and over and hour to download the QST Digital edition. I don't understand how a group of technically qualified people could select this partocular software to manage the QST Digital Edition. I have never heard of this Nex Media and it is anything but user-friendly. Doesn't even work half the time, and just too slow when it does work. Thanks. Ron KM4VX

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