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ATT UVERSE Interference WA2EXZ on 16/1/19
Quote by W5SU
I need to know whether things have gotten any better with regard to the compatibility of ATT U-verse routers with ham radio. I had a Pace "2Wire" gateway box for U-verse installed several years ago, but problems required me to get it removed and revert back to DSL. I now need faster speed and ATT tells me my only option is to use U-verse.

The problem was that every time I got on 40M with even very low power, I locked up the Internet connection, TV set, and all devices controlled by the router. After the technician made many attempts to remedy the problem, I was able to find info on Pace's website that said the gateway box may not work in the presence of baby monitors, CB, Ham radio, or radio signals from 4-9 MHz.

ATT is telling me that they now offer a different Pace or Motorola (Arris) router.

Does anybody out there know whether the RFI problem still exists?

Many Thanks and '73!
Carl - W5SU

I had AT&T replace my old Pace U-Verse modem/router with an Arris NVG589 model. Now I can TX on 40m with 600W, and it does not disrupt the internet. Looking at the router statistics, it does generate some FEC errors during that time, but the errors are recoverable and the internet does not go down. The Arris router was hard to find. The installer said that there are not many more available.
RE: Can Ham Radio and Solar Power co-exist NX1P on 16/1/19
I am being wiped out by S9+ noise on 17 - 10m from my neighbor's solar panel array. I have DFd the noise to one particular house. I have been able to cancel most of the noise by using a phase cancelling system with an external noise antenna. But this does produce a null in my antenna pattern, and is not an optimum resolution. What recourse do I have? How do I file a complaint with the FCC? I do not know who the installer is, and I have not spoken with the neighbor.
FCC is Actively Seeking Solar Array Interference Complaints NS6Q on 26/2/17
Thanks for the information. I have major interference issues on 15, 12 and 10m during the daytime hours, and I believe the source is solar array noise from one or more of a group of homes a few hundred feet away. It has really ruined my enjoyment of the hobby. I have not tried to DF which home is the source. I'm wondering if I should pursue it, or just try to null out the noise with a noise cancelling phase unit.
73, Roger- AC6BW
Solar Array Interference NS6Q on 26/2/17
I have S9+10 dB noise each day centered at 25 MHz, that makes 12m completely useless, and is also impacting 15m and 10m. This noise first appeared about 2 weeks ago. The noise is constant, and is only present during the day. It stops completely as soon as the sun sets. By rotating my beam, I have traced it to a group of nearby houses, all of which have solar panels, and it appears that at least one of them is a new installation. I'm not sure what my next step should be. I certainly can't enjoy my hobby with this level of noise. I'm kind of at a loss as to whether I should pursue a solution with the homeowner(s), or just try to null out the noise with a phase cancelling unit. Any advice would be appreciated.
73, Roger AC6BW

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