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PSK31 bulletins at W1AW Dec 7th 2019, 01:31 2 6,135 on 7/12/19
SSB wideband carriers up and down 75M Nov 1st 2019, 14:34 3 5,947 on 14/11/19

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PSK31 bulletins at W1AW N4AOX on 7/12/19
I like to copy the PSK31 bulletins at W1AW,
6:00PM EST Tuesdays and Fridays. I am at EM75 (East TN). Just a few questions about the bulletin transmission set up at 40 meters (7.095 MHz):

The signal is very strong here. I turn the vol. almost off, the ALC way back, and copy bulletins in the entirety with no more that one or two characters error total.

So, what is your est. ERP, what est. output power, antenna used, pointed est. where (if directional)? Where do you attempt to reach down range with that big signal at that time of day with current low solar flux conditions?
SSB wideband carriers up and down 75M N4AOX on 14/11/19
You were correct. It was the switcher. Noise evaporated when replaced by battery. So, need a QST article on how to turn noisy switchers into linear massive iron and copper and pass transister pwr supply performance. Should be able to do it with enough chokes, caps, and shielding.
SSB wideband carriers up and down 75M N4AOX on 1/11/19
This noise is ruining enjoyment of 75M phone reception. It blanks out SSB qso's about 20db/S9. The carriers are spaced 25 KHz to 15 KHz. So far have tried computers off, lights off, Wireless off, remote wireless temp reading displays off, remote wireless security cameras off remote wireless printers off. Unhooking antenna makes the carriers go away, but also signal goes away. Rig is FT 891 with $20 Switcher Supply from Amazon. I am going to try a 12VDC battery next.

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