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ATT UVERSE Interference WA2EXZ on 12/5/16
I need to know whether things have gotten any better with regard to the compatibility of ATT U-verse routers with ham radio. I had a Pace "2Wire" gateway box for U-verse installed several years ago, but problems required me to get it removed and revert back to DSL. I now need faster speed and ATT tells me my only option is to use U-verse.

The problem was that every time I got on 40M with even very low power, I locked up the Internet connection, TV set, and all devices controlled by the router. After the technician made many attempts to remedy the problem, I was able to find info on Pace's website that said the gateway box may not work in the presence of baby monitors, CB, Ham radio, or radio signals from 4-9 MHz.

ATT is telling me that they now offer a different Pace or Motorola (Arris) router.

Does anybody out there know whether the RFI problem still exists?

Many Thanks and '73!
Carl - W5SU

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