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FCC Info does not show date 1st Licensed K5AWO on 12/8/19
Scanned images of "Amateur Radio Callbook" going back many years are at
Rules violations on 60 meters W0BTU on 28/3/12
Haha, the ARRL finally issues a correction... see
Rules violations on 60 meters W0BTU on 24/3/12
Quote by W0BTU
Someone just pointed out that at, it states the following:

"What modes may I use on 60-meters?

"Effective March 5, 2012 the FCC has permitted CW, USB, and Digital modes on these freqquencies" [sic]

This implies that ANY digital mode is now legal there, and that is not the case. See
Update: I finally found the letter from the NTIA to the FCC. Clearly, only one signal per channel is permitted at one time, regardless of the mode:

73, Mike

Just to clarify, the NTIA doesn't care what modes are used:

Note: I did edit our Mr. Veader's phone and personal email contact info -- otherwise, this email is exactly as I received it (including any typos). DB

----- Original Message -----
From: Stephen Veader
To: David A. Behar
Cc: Edward M. Davison
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2012 6:47 AM
Subject: RE: NTIA policy on Amateur Radio Service 5 mHz secondary allocation

Mr. Behar,

The answer to your question is no, NTIA did not request or mandate that amateur operators limit digital operations on the five 5 MHz channels to only the PACTOR-III and PSK31 digital protocols. Other than the power limit of 100 Watts, the only other restriction that NTIA requested was that each channel would be considered a single spot frequency and that amateurs, no matter what mode was in use, ensure that their carrier is centered n the assigned frequencies.

With regards to interoperability… NTIA, in its correspondence to the FCC, did note that most of the digital modes used by amateurs other than CW and RTTY did not offer much possibility of federal to amateur interoperability.

Let me know if I can be of any further help…

Stephen R. Veader
Department of Commerce,
National Telecommunications and
Information Administration,
Emergency Planning & Public Safety Div.
Office: xxx-xxx-xxxx
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