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remote access & 3 minute timer May 23rd 2014, 20:08 2 1,339 on 1/6/14

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Swapping out xtal - power on or off? KE0KCG on 22/1/17
Under what circumstance is the need to keep it powered up?

Turn it off! And, unplug it. Why find out the hard way if there is anything to be discovered?
remote access & 3 minute timer NE1U on 1/6/14
Maybe the ARRL is the wrong place to post anything. This is not exactly an active forum. Just sayin' that things are pretty dead here
remote access & 3 minute timer NE1U on 23/5/14
The title is the question. When accessing your station remotely, don't the rules require a 3 minute timer in the event the link is lost while the transmitter is on ... thinking that there is the possibility that the transmitter could get "stuck" on.

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