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Intro & TS-440S/AT & TS-440SAT Restorations km6oyh on 30/10/19
Hello! I've been away from HAM radio for quite a while and I never was more than an appliance operator, so I was impressed with your report of the rigs you have been reviving.
I picked up a 440S at a Ham Show a few months ago, but only have had time to power it up without an antenna attached. I immediately noticed that the tuning knob would not change the frequencies. I could use the push buttons on the mike though. I picked up an optical encoder in hopes that I could install and try that soon. If you have any suggestions about the best way to do that, it would be appreciated!
I'm retired, but haven't yet found much time to get into the rig as my wife in taking her second Masters degree and we have a bit of family travel that keeps me out of the shack. I look forward to hearing about your endeavors in the near future! 73

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