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revamping antennas WB0SMS 3 weeks, 3 days ago
I live near Bemidji, MN. Have acres of land, and lots of trees and a chainsaw. Want to erect this spring a modest contest station. Have three 60' 25g towers with ham iv rotors. Currently own a mosely cl36, a wilson 4 el mono for 20m and a cushcraft 2 el 40 beam, a gap voyager DX verticle and plenty of copper antenna wire to erect (at roughly 50') a 160m horizontal loop. Waiting for spring to erect this (prob June as it is a high of 15degrees today) modest antenna farm. Any advice on how to improve this without to much damage to my wallet would be appreciated. Have 5 hf rigs and 3 lin amps, so that end is ok, just advice on improvemt of antennas would be appreciated.
Will this work efficiently? WB0SMS on 3/6/13
I own a 2 el 40 cushcraft antenna. Could I put spreaders on the boom and add/convert it to a 2 el yagi for 40 and a 6 el quad on 10 on the same boom? How much interaction would there be?

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