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6O0CW QRM May 10th 2012, 04:20 2 3,070 on 10/5/12
DDXCC Application Processing Apr 3rd 2012, 02:08 3 3,292 on 4/4/12

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6O0CW QRM K5FXB on 10/5/12
To all who experienced my QRM around 0125z on 14.040 mHz this evening:

I apologize for my stupid mistake.

I forgot to turn off SPLIT when I moved down the band to work simplex. Sorry for the trouble I caused. I doubt I will ever make that mistake again.

I am profoundly embarrassed.

I've been a ham over 50 years and can only remember one time when I made such an egregious error. My interference was not intentional - just stupid. Please accept my apology.

73, Dan K5FXB

DDXCC Application Processing K5FXB on 4/4/12
Thanks, Zack. Congratulations! I'll watch my mailbox. 73, Dan
DDXCC Application Processing K5FXB on 3/4/12
Has processing of DDXCC applications already begun? Will certificates be mailed as applications are processed or will they be batched? Will certificates be dated?

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