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Digital QST Survey KE1CY on 30/7/13
I agree with Kevin - once I've authenticated my download I SHOULD be able to read my issues without having to sign-in to the application again. Understand the DRM issues but we've gone too far...just out of curiosity if a member lets their membership expire does that mean they have no access to issues of QST they paid for??? Doesn't make much difference to us Life Members.

Dino KL0S
And now I am General class Passed my US Technician license test today KF5VPK on 6/5/13
Congratulations! Welcome to a wonderful lifetime hobby!

73 - Dino KL0S
QST in electronic format KB0HAE on 25/1/13
Just received an e-mail from ARRL offering to "opt out" of the paper copy of QST. As I pointed out in a separate forum section the quality of print from the Adobe Air file is simply not acceptable (at least to me) if you care to have a printout of an article for your records. If the file were in the .pdf format I would seriously consider opting out - but until the print quality improves I will continue with my paper copy.

I think the powers that be should at least point out to anyone considering this option that their print quality will not be as good as that of a .pdf file (and I'm guessing the annual pubs CD versions as well). If that's acceptable then fine, but at least let it be an informed decision.

Dino KL0S
Print Quality of Digital QST KL0S on 23/12/12
For many years I kept all my paper copies of QST, 73, Ham Radio, CQ etc. I finally bit the bullet and went thru all those issues and extracted the articles that I wanted to keep for future reference and use. In recent years to create more useful copies I began using my color copier/printer to make copies of those articles I wanted to keep. When QST (and others) began distributing digital media I was encouraged that I could reduce my paper footprint even further by simply printing those articles I needed a print copy of at the time of use.

But I have found that the reproduction quality you get from the digital QST application falls short. My Mac operating system allows me to create .pdf file copies from documents. As an experiment I extracted an article I wanted to keep from the January 2013 QST and via the "nxt" application print function I saved the pages I wanted as a .pdf file. The initial file size was ~11MB for a six-page article. Then via a .pdf compression utility I was able to compress that to a file size of ~1.5MB.

When printed neither of those files provided a paper copy quality that approached the QST printed page. I then used the digital version to directly print the same pages with similar lower quality results.

Finally to prove that my color printer could actually produce a print quality that approached the printed page I simply made made a color copy from the article I snipped out of my QST. That print quality was VERY close to the QST paper print quality.

So for the foreseeable future I still need to use my paper QST to produce acceptable file copies of those articles I want to keep; why can't the QST digital application produce a clear, sharp printed copy that I can produce with the scan/print function of my color printer?

Dino KL0S
QST View - AView For Windows 7 K3SK on 2/2/12
Actually there is a freeware Mac utility that will display the QSTView CDROMs (as well as Ham Radio, QEX and Communications Quarterly files). Chen W7AY is the author....see:

73 - Dino KL0S

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