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Getting started w/ D-STAR Aug 12th 2015, 16:17 3 6,121 on 12/8/15

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Getting started w/ D-STAR W5DAJ on 12/8/15
Yes, I'm about 20 crow miles from that one.
Getting started w/ D-STAR W5DAJ on 12/8/15
Apologies if this isn't the correct place. I just got an ID-51A Anniversary model. I've been inactive for several years. Prior to that I used a FT270 to talk on local repeaters. With this 51A I feel like a guy who went from a Crayola and a Big Chief to a Cray. I'm looking for the idiot's guide for dummies to get me up to speed enough to transition to just the idiot's guide and just the for dummies guides, ideally with someone in the South Houston area that like hamburgers or Subway so we could meet for a lunch my treat and figure this thing out. Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks and 73.

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