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Power Line noise - cold temperatures Jan 17th 2019, 16:23 4 6,387 on 11/3/19

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Power Line noise - cold temperatures n4ij on 9/3/19
OK today the temp was nearly 60F and the noise is horrible, Windy too as OKLA is often. I built a power line dish direction finder, but hsave not been able to identify a particular insulator or connector or even a particular pole making the noise I live in a electric COOP service and te utility is not very proficient in handling this, and at one time tey referred it to the next COOP, They were able to identify the general area,but the noise was not coing from their lines so the problem is still there. The only saving grace is that my FTDX5000 blanker works very well to a point. DXing is a thing of the past for the time being. Doug W5FN
Power Line noise - cold temperatures n4ij on 17/1/19
Has anyone else had high level power line noise when the weather gets cold? I have power line noise from this direction to the ESE of my house. I have a 3 element 20m beam that can peak the noise within 5-10 degrees. The noise is intermittent at mid (maybe 40 degrees to 50 degrees temp) and as the temps decrease the becomes solid s8 to S9 level. At night, when the temps dip it makes that direction useless. I had a similar problem fixed a couple of yrs ago and they replaced a number of insulators. I don't know how they isolated the noise. The noise was being conducted up and down the line so I could not direction find it in my car. I don't know what an insulator would do to change in cold temps. My theory is that the power lines contract and cause this - maybe pulling on a connection. Of course the power company showed up at my house today and I showed the noise by rotating the antenna but the noise was only moderate (50 degree temperature. So, power lines contracting ???

Doug W5FN

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