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Can I trust in LoTW? No! f8dql on 28/7/14

LoTW/TQSL does not change log entries. And since all of the data is digitally signed we know with absolute certainty that both sets of records originated outside of Logbook with someone having access to the F8DQL certificate.

If a user changes something in his log, and re-signs/re-submits the altered log to LoTW, the system must consider these to be new QSOs and keeps them. In this case, the bands were changed in the original log, and then re-uploaded into LoTW.

Fixing log data is a fairly common practice as we all want matches for our QSOs, and if we have submitted incorrect logs, matches will not occur. The "bad" QSOs do not harm anything, but will be included in the QSO count seen on the user's account page.
Endorsement Stickers on Certificate WM9I on 25/4/14
Not rally. Most people kind of start putting the stickers on the left side, below the center this nice old one:

Creative displays like this one
are very cool.

73, Dave, NN1N
no Centennial credit for being member Wa1hew on 25/4/14
Hi Craig
TU for your renewal -- the information hadn't propagated through to the Centennial system. We'll fix that.

Any questions pertaining to the Centennial can go to

9M6NA for DDXCC? n2nw on 19/12/12
9M6NA counts for British North Borneo. The List of Active Stations isn't a complete list, by any means. 73
Online DXCC for WAS ? KK2DOG on 26/10/12
Hey Dog! :-) While you can't really use the Online DXCC for the WAS, you could possibly find a card checker near you and have him/her check those 2 cards and then he/she could send us the information. We would then combine those with your 48 states in LoTW and issue the WAS.

You can also send-in the two cards. Mark the envelope ATTN Awards Branch.

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