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9M6NA for DDXCC? N2NW on 19/12/12
9M6NA counts for British North Borneo. The List of Active Stations isn't a complete list, by any means. 73
Online DXCC for WAS ? KK2DOG on 26/10/12
Hey Dog! :-) While you can't really use the Online DXCC for the WAS, you could possibly find a card checker near you and have him/her check those 2 cards and then he/she could send us the information. We would then combine those with your 48 states in LoTW and issue the WAS.

You can also send-in the two cards. Mark the envelope ATTN Awards Branch.
vanity w1gak on 14/9/12
I believe that you will have to pay the fee because you are once again obtaining a vanity call, not a call from the sequential system.

73, NN1N
DXCC Diamond Challenge N4ST on 14/9/12
Good job on typing them into the form! The form is a lot easier to use online and allows for applications to be filed electronically also.

The online form was modified to accept the spreadsheet uploads and simply ignore the date and time (the online form will show the date as the day that the sheet was uploaded). There were many different formats used for time and date. So, give the spreadsheet upload a try if you haven't already. Once you have uploaded, go back and look at the QSO Entry/View data and you should see the info there.
DXCC endorsement sticker levels N2RJ on 12/6/12
Yes, it should have been included. For most DXCC awards stickers are issued as endorsements at multiples of 50 between 100 and 250 entities confirmed. If you haven't already received the 150 sticker please write

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