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Endorsement Stickers on Certificate WM9I on 25/4/14
Not rally. Most people kind of start putting the stickers on the left side, below the center this nice old one:

Creative displays like this one
are very cool.

73, Dave, NN1N
no Centennial credit for being member WA1HEW on 25/4/14
Hi Craig
TU for your renewal -- the information hadn't propagated through to the Centennial system. We'll fix that.

Any questions pertaining to the Centennial can go to

9M6NA for DDXCC? N2NW on 19/12/12
9M6NA counts for British North Borneo. The List of Active Stations isn't a complete list, by any means. 73
Online DXCC for WAS ? KK2DOG on 26/10/12
Hey Dog! :-) While you can't really use the Online DXCC for the WAS, you could possibly find a card checker near you and have him/her check those 2 cards and then he/she could send us the information. We would then combine those with your 48 states in LoTW and issue the WAS.

You can also send-in the two cards. Mark the envelope ATTN Awards Branch.
vanity w1gak on 14/9/12
I believe that you will have to pay the fee because you are once again obtaining a vanity call, not a call from the sequential system.

73, NN1N

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