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JT65 during Field Day N4FWD on 26/8/17
I agree with K0BHJ's conclusion about JT65 and FD. While it is a good mode for making contacts with low power etc., it is not adequate for passing information. PSK31 is my best digital QSO mode because it matches my typing speed. And I have a "Personal Macro" that gives a summary of my QRZ page. I am waiting for LoTW to catch up and program acceptance of FT8. That is one gangbuster of a mode for DX, in my opinion.
Remote Stations count for DXCC K8YYY on 26/8/17
How do you know if they are remote?
DXCC requirements unfair? NS5B on 26/8/17
The LoTW program is a digital QSL Manager. It assures that both parties have made a legitimate contact and reduced the cost of paper QSLing with all of its problems. When I retired, I was on a shoe string for lots of extras and gave up QSLing unless the DX had a stateside manager. My brother Buzz NI5DX handled 50 of so DX stations. I still find it expensive to be a member of ARRL, but less than what I was spending for paper QSLs from overseas. Still have a few old worthless IRCs. LoTW could be simpler for an old guy, but the folks at the desk are very helpful and patient.
FT8 WD5IQR on 26/8/17
Any idea when FT8 will be able to be handled by the LOTW software at headquarters? I have a 111 contacts about 80% are DX on 17 meteres which I never worked before. Looking forward to being able to upload them. Al WD5IQR

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