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High Rise Condo Problems KB9CZ on 20/4/13
I've tried a few things, but without a lot of success. I do have a balcony and have set up an antenna clipped to the railing. The results are just marginally better. The problem is the large number of computers, routers, dimmers, and every other device you can think of is in close proximity. I even went up to our roof top and still get enough noise on the HF bands to overwhelm my 72 year-old ears. I have discovered however, that moving up in frequency and having a nice tripod mounted beam allows me to work repeaters in four states. I'll have to try 6m.

As to my HF rig? I took an old carry-on suitcase and packed it up into one nice package that contains a power supply, antenna, cables, etc. and can throw it in the back of the car for portable use. Wish I had bought something a bit smaller, but that's life.
High Rise Condo Problems KB9CZ on 10/11/12
I've been off the air for years -- ever since I moved to the 29th floor (of 56) of a concrete and steel building. Well, I got the bug again and purchased a transceiver and an antenna for apartments.

My problem? I literally cannot hear anything because of RF noise and weak signal strength. Am I relegated to operating portable in a forest preserve or mobil in my car?

I'd like to hear from others who have faced this problem. What I thought was going to be a re-connection with a hobby has turned into one big disappointment.

As an aside, AM radio reception is poor and to some extent so is FM.

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