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Hex Beam feedpoint location Jul 26th 2022, 07:51 1 2,972 on 26/7/22
Online dxcc qsls Jan 23rd 2019, 12:52 2 8,295 on 23/1/19
Replacement base inductor-14AVQ (Hy-Gain) Dec 13th 2012, 13:59 2 7,128 on 13/12/12

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Hex Beam feedpoint location KA9J on 26/7/22
I am in the process of putting up a KIO Hexbeam, and on this antenna (and others) the SO-239 is at the top of the center support, which will make it harder to get to in order to seal it properly.

The MFJ-1846 uses the 6 meter loop attachment points (which is at the bottom of the support) to also connect the coax.

Is there any performance difference between the top or the bottom of the center support for the feedpoint?
Online dxcc qsls KA9J on 23/1/19
I previously entered some of my old paper qsls for DXCC in LOTW, but I want to finish the job so I can get them confirmed at our upcoming Hamfest, but I can't find the page I used.

Could somebody help me find it please?

Frank KA9J
Replacement base inductor-14AVQ (Hy-Gain) KA9J on 13/12/12
I've got the bug to get back on HF. I have a 14AVQ vertical that I last used 25 years ago, but when I ground mounted it and connected my antenna analyzer to it, the SWR in all 4 bands was very high. I found that the base inductor was open. I attempted to open the base and repair the coil, but it's not repairable. Now I'd like to wind a replacement inductor and connect it between the mounting bracket and the bottom of the mast. Will I have to determine the size of the inductor by trial and error, or does somebody have an idea of how much inductance I'd need. If so, would you have any idea on the dimensions and how many turns I'd need to make it?


Frank KA9J

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