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What to look for in a radio? KF5SQL on 2/5/12
I have used a simple J-pole made from 300 Ohm ladder line, suspended from the chandelier above the dining room table to access repeaters on V/UHF ina 35 mile radius with 25 watts. In my attic is a 3 element 2m yagi on a pvc pipe. Temporary, invisible and effective.. Do not limit yourself to V/UHF. HF is very pobbile from all indoor and stealth antennas. The gated communities of FL have produced some ingenious antennas that do a credible job..
hello kk4fok on 15/3/12
The choices of rigs and antenas are mind boggling. Visit some local hams and see what they are using.. New and shiny does not mean better. Your wallet is a big factor as is your real estate.. The antenna is the most important factor. I use both USA gear (Ten Tec) and Icom. Start slowly and if you buy used, insist on the opprtunity to try before you buy or a return.. I offer to let prospective buyers come to my shack and operate any rig I wish to sell. That way everyone ends up happy..
Nauru on DDXCC list? KL7DG on 15/3/12
Was is discovered before '37 ??( HI HI) Given is relative proximity to Tonga, Cook Is., American Samoa and the Australs; I think the answer lies in ZK1 or ZK3.
I am facing the same question

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