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RTTY DXCC ? W5CPT on 9/8/11
We tried years ago to change the name of "RTTY DXCC AWARD". But the ARRL said all the new digital modes were under RTTY ! They weren't RTTY. Now it looks like all the oldtimers have gone QRT. So the easiest way is to put ALL (except CW) digital modes under the same award, and name it "DIGITAL" Thanks ARRL for waking up after all these years. I've been a ham for 52 years and have the following DXCC awards.. mixed, phone, cw, 10 meter, 80 meter, 40 meter, 20 meter, 15 meter, rtty, and 5 band. Its been a lot of fun, but why should I call PKT or PSK31 RTTY ? Remember when an invading army counted as the country they were invading ? Again, chasing DX is fun. My modest totals are 340/349.
Have fun.... Ralph K1KOB

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