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Smart Meter RFI on AM Broadcast Band Sep 24th 2014, 03:24 5 7,376 on 1/10/14

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Smart Meter RFI on AM Broadcast Band WD4NGG on 1/10/14
Hi Mike W0BTU,

After reading the QRZ forum the Smart Meter I have sounds very similar to the one that directly chops up the 60Hz AC and sends the signal directly down the AC line. I have read about this type of Smart Meter once before but I have never been able to find any description about it again. I wish my local power co. didn't use this type of lousy interfering Smart Meter on the AC line. It generates terrible interference to a nearby AM broadcast radio. I spent a lot of time trying to eliminate other kinds of interference in the household then I have to put up with this.

73 Todd WD4NGG
Smart Meter RFI on AM Broadcast Band WD4NGG on 28/9/14

The AM buzz interference does diminish if I walk outside the house with a portable AM radio, so it seems to be conducted locally throughout the house wiring. The daily schedule seems to be every four hours around the clock and repeats every 10 minutes so I hear it at 10:10 + 10:20PM, 2:10 + 2:20AM, 6:10 + 6:20AM, 10:10 + 10:20AM, 2:10 + 2:20PM and 6:10 + 6:20PM or actually 12 times a day in 10 second bursts. It is very annoying as it is quite strong inside the house.

73 Todd WD4NGG

Smart Meter RFI on AM Broadcast Band WD4NGG on 24/9/14
I have read that most Smart Meters use the 900 MHz UHF band, but a newly installed Smart Meter by my local power co. generates a loud buzz on portable AM radios all throughout my house which seems to be conducted by the house wiring. I am wondering why I would hear strong interference all the way down in the AM broadcast band if the meter supposedly operates on UHF? Luckily the interference only lasts about 10 seconds at a time but it is heard several times throughout the day at 10:10 PM, 10:20PM, 2:10AM, 2:20AM and 6:10AM, 6:20AM on a timed schedule. It lessens my enjoyment of broadcast band listening. As if the AM band didn't have enough interference already.

73 Todd WD4NGG

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