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RE: Can Ham Radio and Solar Power co-exist Mar 11th 2016, 16:45 13 12,599 on 4/10/21

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RE: Can Ham Radio and Solar Power co-exist NX1P on 11/3/16
I read with great interest, the April 2016 article on RFI from home solar installations. It is interesting that I tackled many of the same problems in my low power (240 watt) Sportsmobile Van installation. Specifically, the non-common mode noise issues related to all of the switching. Two things came to mind while reading this article 1) as a home owner you have no control over those 10KW installations on your neighbors roofs. 2) Believe it or not, running high RF power near an un-protected solar installation can damage panels and inverters.

Trying to keep a whole neighborhood of 10KW installations RFI quite and keep from blowing up your neighbors installation with your 1.5KW amp may be a bit challenging not to mention costly.

In the long run, I believe the FCC and ARRL will need to get involved with solar installation policies to ensure that installations are done in an RFI friendly way.
How to Remove Cigarette Smoke from a Newer Solid State Transceiver? WB1GCM on 6/10/15
I acquired a 'trunk' full of stinky ham radio gear from an estate. Several interesting pieces (ic735, semlex 1235M) the rest going to the dump. The stuff stunk so bad I refused to take it into the house. In researching, the stink is caused by very slow evaporation (oils, moisture) and it carries with it lots of toxins. It turns out that the kitty litter people have really figured out how to trap the evaporate. The 1235M was awful inside. Covered in brown specs. I opened the cover and burred the 1235M in kitty litter, left it for a week. When I took it out, all the brown specs simply fell off. I blew the unit out with compressed air and ALL of the nicotine specs were gone. Cleaned up the box and fan with deoxit and now have a spare 1235M that looks and smells great! Same deal with the IC735, although there is more disassemble and reassembly to get all the kitty litter particles and dust out. Works great. No scrubbing!

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