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DXCC requirements unfair? NS5B on 2/8/13

No I can not agree with you.
Printing and Shipping alone of DXCC awards is not some minor amount of money. If we want to reap the awards a sponsor offers we should support them.
Membership in the ARRL, is of great value to me well beyond a good quality magazine that comes once a month.
I see on your profile that you have a nice tower and a beam, have you ever considered that without the ARRL your rights to have that tower on your property may not exist ?
Today and actually it has been this way for years, if you do not have a lobbyist on your side the govt. will find away to take away things you enjoy
It is as true with the ARRL as it is with the NRA
If we do not support the League thru some small fee's for the parts of the hobby we love, the ability to enjoy those aspects will be taken away.
I do applaud you for voicing your opinion and I also want to congratulate you for working and getting a great number of countries confirmed.
Have you seen the DXCC certificates, they are not on some cheap paper, spit out of a cheap ink jet printer.
Join the league, process your QSL credits and get your award !

No rules when contesting???????? w3jkc on 2/8/13
Simply put N9HTZ has an attitude issue
with anyone in our hobby that is Not either a county hunter or an OMIS member After all he has been lic. since 1988
So he knows it all and can not be convinced that what he heard on 17m was something other than what he says it was.
I am a contest OP, I served in the USAF and retired from it
I also volunteered and served as a civilian liaison for the USCG during the post Katrina aftermath at Bell Chase NAS
and my contesting experience was a very big asset to getting coordinates to the rescue desk for people that needed assistance.
When the bands get crowded use it as a reason to adapt and learn new methods that will work - Is the a reason your net does not have alternate band plans ???
Have you ever heard of someone asking if the freq is in use and no heard them, so they started calling CQ ?
I have asked many times, heard no reply then suddenly a bunch of mad net ops show their colors and say the freq is in use - Instead of
saying I asked I simply move the VFO knob 3 - 4 kc and try again
If your still hearing me 4 kc away - you either have you NB on, your filter wide open and your antenna pointed right at me
There IS room in our hobby for all of us, IF we have some compassion and ability under our thick skin to share.
Of course you are welcome to continue to only see things Your way!
By the way if there is an Emergency during crowded band conditions - State so plane and clearly you will find you have plenty of people that will shut up, listen and help when asked.
I know as I have seen it work.


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