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DXCC requirements unfair? NS5B on 2/8/13

No I can not agree with you.
Printing and Shipping alone of DXCC awards is not some minor amount of money. If we want to reap the awards a sponsor offers we should support them.
Membership in the ARRL, is of great value to me well beyond a good quality magazine that comes once a month.
I see on your profile that you have a nice tower and a beam, have you ever considered that without the ARRL your rights to have that tower on your property may not exist ?
Today and actually it has been this way for years, if you do not have a lobbyist on your side the govt. will find away to take away things you enjoy
It is as true with the ARRL as it is with the NRA
If we do not support the League thru some small fee's for the parts of the hobby we love, the ability to enjoy those aspects will be taken away.
I do applaud you for voicing your opinion and I also want to congratulate you for working and getting a great number of countries confirmed.
Have you seen the DXCC certificates, they are not on some cheap paper, spit out of a cheap ink jet printer.
Join the league, process your QSL credits and get your award !


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