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Logs Received

The following is the list of Logs Received for the 2012 ARRL August UHF Contest.

This list includes all receipted electronic submissions and is automatically updated several times during the day. It is not "instantaneous" so it may be several hours before the list is next updated.

If you submitted your entry electronically and do not find your log listed, first please check to see that you received back a numbered receipt from the ARRL Contest Robot. If you have a numbered receipt and your log does not appear within several hours, please contact with your receipt number and they will look into the matter during regular ARRL business hours.

If you received a message with a subject line beginning "UNABLE TO PROCESS LOG SUBMISSION" there was a problem with your entry. Please refer to the text of that email and correct the problems found by the robot. Until you receive a numbered receipt, you do not have an entry in the contest log queue.

Please check your information carefully after it is posted on the Logs Received list. If you have received a numbered receipt, the robot is satisfied that all of the information you submitted is acceptable. The robot has no way of knowing if all of the information is correct, however. For example, you may have indicated a category the robot recognizes, but it may not be the category in which you participated. If you discover an error in your category or Section information after it is posted, you may simply correct your Cabrillo file header and re-submit the entry.

PAPER LOGS will only be added to the queue after the submission deadline has passed and they have been initialized into the database. This could be up to 4-6 weeks after the contest submission deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or by phone at 860-594-0232. Thanks and 73.

ARRL Contest Branch Manager

172 logs received

Call SignSectionCategoryTypeTransmittersClubDate ReceivedClaimed Score
AA4DDTNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-08-06 18:00:31 UTC4158
AA4HTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-08-08 04:08:51 UTC1020
AB0YYKSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-05 18:28:07 UTC60
AB2YI/RWNYLimited RoverROVERLIMITEDRochester VHF Group2012-09-04 11:25:02 UTC627
AF1TNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-20 13:45:57 UTC41595
AF6RRSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-05 18:23:03 UTC2862
AG4VTNMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2012-08-06 05:40:53 UTC2016
K0AWUMNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-08-05 19:35:00 UTC1350
K0JJORSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-08-20 02:14:14 UTC132
K0JQAIASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-10 11:16:36 UTC6
K0MPPMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-08 00:50:01 UTC18
K0SIXMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-08-08 00:50:01 UTC96
K0VXMSFLSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEFLORIDA WEAK SIGNAL SOCIETY2012-09-20 13:37:48 UTC55296
K1DSEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-08-08 18:45:04 UTC8910
K1KCGASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-21 19:14:41 UTC1653
K1KGEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-23 22:40:36 UTC45582
K1RZMDCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-08-06 02:42:40 UTC125832
K1TRNHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2012-08-05 19:33:59 UTC2583
K2AMINNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBergen ARA2012-08-11 02:21:50 UTC702
K2DRHILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2012-09-03 03:14:35 UTC60534
K2KIBNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-27 22:14:57 UTC33066
K2LIMWNYMultioperator (Unlimited)PORTABLEUNLIMITED2012-08-21 01:44:00 UTC20790
K2YAZMISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2012-09-03 23:11:47 UTC7425
K3CBMDCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2012-08-08 12:23:25 UTC61992
K3CNHDESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-19 05:50:10 UTC27
K3MDEPAChecklogFIXEDONE2012-08-05 03:03:50 UTC330
K3TUFEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-08-07 17:51:45 UTC169182
K4EJQTNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-08-30 02:44:23 UTC3213
K4FJWVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-08-07 00:25:40 UTC1518
K4QINCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-06 21:48:41 UTC10626
K4YRKTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-06 02:10:24 UTC420
K5LLLSTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONERoadrunners Microwave Group2012-08-12 11:30:48 UTC1728
K6TDIORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-08 04:28:07 UTC
K6TSKORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-20 18:59:31 UTC5520
K7HSJORSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-10 18:04:57 UTC288
K7NDWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-08-07 22:12:39 UTC9765
K8GDTOHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMedina 2 Meter Group2012-08-17 23:44:50 UTC1653
K8MDMISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-19 02:18:48 UTC2475
K8MMMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMad River Radio Club2012-09-18 18:03:28 UTC663
K8TQKOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-18 13:48:17 UTC17922
K9JK/RILLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDLIMITEDBadger Contesters2012-08-06 15:01:48 UTC5451
KA1QBONHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-07 16:03:42 UTC924
KA1REMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2012-08-31 20:03:26 UTC3
KA3HEDDESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-11 14:58:43 UTC975
KB0HHOKMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITED2012-08-05 18:44:17 UTC9801
KC1MAEMASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEnone2012-08-13 17:55:03 UTC90
KC5MVZWTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-13 16:20:42 UTC108
KC6ZWTSVSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-07 18:42:11 UTC3276
KC8KSKNCSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE2012-08-12 20:46:58 UTC12
KC9ELUINSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-06 15:04:01 UTC105
KD4UQYTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-08-14 14:06:31 UTC3
KD7UOWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-08-10 03:49:29 UTC3564
KE7UQLNVSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE2012-08-06 20:21:50 UTC
KF8QLMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBC2012-09-17 14:39:11 UTC0
KG6TYBSCVSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-05 20:55:50 UTC
KG7PWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEpacific northwest vhf society2012-08-05 18:05:50 UTC1170
KI4NPVNFLSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDUNLIMITEDflorida weak signal society2012-08-31 16:46:37 UTC6780
KI7JAORSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-08-05 18:44:16 UTC900
KK0QCOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-07 21:51:29 UTC1443
KM3GEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-25 15:32:50 UTC12
KN4SMVASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-11 15:47:08 UTC6300
KO0ZMOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-05 20:55:52 UTC144
KO9AILMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDSociety of Midwest Contesters2012-08-06 00:06:19 UTC2709
KX4RGASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-09 19:27:28 UTC882
N0AKCWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-08-07 12:01:19 UTC4500
N0JKKSSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE2012-08-05 21:55:20 UTC
N0TTWIASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-17 23:17:34 UTC561
N1GJEMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENORTH EAST WEAK SIGNAL GROUP2012-09-21 21:41:48 UTC9207
N1GLTNHSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2012-08-07 02:38:27 UTC3843
N1IBMSNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEfrankford radio club2012-08-05 21:42:12 UTC324
N1JEZVTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-08-27 12:08:32 UTC6720
N1PRWEMASingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE2012-08-06 21:32:31 UTC18
N1ZNCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMeriden ARC2012-08-11 19:28:04 UTC60
N2BJILMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2012-08-06 18:19:55 UTC6048
N2DCHWNYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-05 21:56:16 UTC240
N2GHRNLISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-08-05 23:08:55 UTC52437
N3ALNMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPOTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2012-08-05 23:36:07 UTC1296
N3IQ/RMDCUnlimited RoverROVERUNLIMITEDPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-08-17 11:58:12 UTC254519
N4HBVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEn/a2012-08-09 21:39:03 UTC1215
N4QWZTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEtennessee contest group2012-08-21 01:17:48 UTC18639
N6EY/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2012-08-23 02:51:25 UTC253914
N6MUORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB2012-08-17 06:52:39 UTC36036
N6NB/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2012-08-29 08:25:09 UTC
N6ORBEBSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-08 05:05:03 UTC3
N6TCZLAXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-19 05:50:18 UTC432
N6ZE/RSBLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONE2012-08-06 00:06:19 UTC6
N7DBORSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-06 04:33:04 UTC104
N7EPDWWASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-08-06 04:19:55 UTC14148
N8AIAMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-19 21:08:15 UTC1224
N8HMMDCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPotomac Valley Radio Club2012-08-05 20:09:26 UTC27
N9DGWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2012-08-05 21:10:52 UTC420
N9HFNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFLORIDA WEAK SIGNAL SOCIETY2012-09-19 20:22:02 UTC234
N9LBWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2012-08-05 21:42:16 UTC4536
N9TZLKYSingle Operator, Low PowerPORTABLEONE2012-08-25 18:10:09 UTC
NA2NYENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENone2012-08-06 15:02:51 UTC27
ND9ZWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2012-08-11 21:21:52 UTC189
NE1BNHMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDONEYankee Clipper Contest Club2012-08-07 21:19:09 UTC3654
NE3IEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-08-11 00:38:44 UTC660
NE8I/RMIRoverROVERONE2012-09-19 20:22:02 UTC4104
NG4CNCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-26 02:33:05 UTC1881
NG9RILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2012-08-22 03:22:41 UTC48
NN4AASFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFLORIDA WEAK SIGNAL SOCIETY2012-09-19 20:22:04 UTC2835
NY2NYNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTH EAST WEAK SIGNAL GROUP2012-08-05 21:42:16 UTC6030
VA3STONSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2012-08-28 21:11:13 UTC5376
VE3CRU/RONRoverROVERONEContest Club Ontario2012-08-09 15:44:57 UTC14178
VE3ZVONSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEContest Club Ontario2012-08-13 23:26:59 UTC21888
VE7FYCBCSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-19 05:50:20 UTC3135
W0JTMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENORTHERN LIGHTS RADIO SOCIETY2012-08-05 19:20:57 UTC1596
W0OHUMNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-08-08 02:56:52 UTC42
W0RTKSSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-05 18:06:51 UTC297
W0UCWIMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDNorthern Lights Radio Society2012-08-07 22:45:58 UTC31293
W0ZQMNSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-08-05 21:55:20 UTC26469
W1AUV/RWMARoverROVERONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-08-17 04:08:10 UTC12882
W1FKFEMASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-08-09 14:03:18 UTC11340
W1LVLNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFLORIDA WEAK SIGNAL SOCIETY2012-08-08 17:49:22 UTC162
W1TRCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-08-07 00:25:41 UTC792
W1ZCNHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-08-11 14:44:33 UTC4740
W2BVHNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-08-08 12:59:58 UTC1881
W2BZYNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society2012-08-10 00:08:30 UTC24252
W2KVNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEnone2012-08-05 18:25:05 UTC108
W2YRNNJSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEFrankford Radio Club2012-08-05 23:53:19 UTC1260
W3HMSEPARoverROVERONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-08-06 21:06:20 UTC29565
W3PAWWPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEpotomac valley radio club2012-08-16 10:56:08 UTC111111
W3SZEPASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-08-06 00:36:34 UTC57936
W4AMPGASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-05 17:31:32 UTC570
W4BCUTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-08-07 04:26:21 UTC160
W4DEXNCSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-10 20:24:17 UTC1215
W4ENNALSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-06 15:29:43 UTC480
W4HXPSFLMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDUNLIMITEDFlorida Weak Signal Society2012-08-08 23:17:53 UTC0
W4VNDNFLSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDLIMITEDFLORIDA WEAK SIGNAL SOCIETY2012-08-15 10:00:55 UTC2544
W4VSTNSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBristol (TN) ARC2012-08-14 14:21:37 UTC3
W5MRBARSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-03 20:11:34 UTC756
W6OALCOSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-06 02:13:27 UTC4620
W6TAI/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2012-08-29 08:26:09 UTC
W6TAIORGSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESouthern California Contest Club2012-08-29 08:25:05 UTC
W6XD/RSJVRoverROVERONESouthern California Contest Club2012-08-21 17:40:18 UTC319536
W7FIWWASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEPACIFIC NORTHWEST VHF SOCIETY2012-08-05 18:02:47 UTC1260
W7MEMIDSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-05 18:25:06 UTC96
W8RUMISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEMad River Radio Club2012-08-15 12:46:41 UTC1035
W9GAWISingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEBadger contesters2012-09-02 20:57:03 UTC7776
W9SZILSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONESociety of Midwest Contesters2012-08-06 15:04:16 UTC5376
WA0VPJ/RMNLimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONENorthern Lights Radio Society2012-08-26 22:37:47 UTC3570
WA1GTPCTSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-19 05:50:23 UTC27
WA2VNVNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-08-07 13:32:59 UTC4680
WA3PTVWPAUnlimited RoverROVER-UNLIMITEDONE2012-08-08 15:30:47 UTC72912
WA3SRUEPASingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-08-11 01:24:04 UTC10830
WA4ZKOKYMultioperator (Unlimited)FIXEDLIMITED2012-08-07 01:38:58 UTC12
WA5LFDNTXSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONELone Star DX Association2012-08-07 18:22:02 UTC48
WA5TKUNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth Texas Microwave Society2012-08-08 13:04:56 UTC210
WA5VHUVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-31 03:11:56 UTC12
WA7KYMWYSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-19 05:50:24 UTC990
WA8RJFOHSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONE2012-09-03 15:54:36 UTC702
WB0LJC/RMNRoverROVERONE2012-09-19 05:50:25 UTC1224
WB2JAYNLISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDLIMITEDnone2012-09-04 23:29:50 UTC22200
WB2RVXSNJSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEMt Airy VHF Radio Club2012-08-19 01:06:28 UTC48645
WB2SIHENYSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-29 12:46:31 UTC26847
WB4OMGWCFSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONEFlorida Weak Signal Society2012-08-08 01:42:16 UTC3420
WB5ZDPNTXSingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONENorth Texas Microwave Society2012-08-07 13:47:06 UTC900
WB6BETEBRoverROVERONE2012-08-07 04:58:40 UTC360
WD0BQMNESingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDLIMITED2012-08-26 20:26:04 UTC288
WD4GSMVASingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONE2012-08-19 13:35:17 UTC288
WV9EWISingle Operator, Low PowerFIXEDONEBadger Contesters2012-08-08 09:34:08 UTC240
WW7D/RWWALimited RoverROVER-LIMITEDONEPacific Northwest VHF Society2012-08-19 15:13:54 UTC5136
WZ1VCTSingle Operator, High PowerFIXEDONENorth East Weak Signal Group2012-09-21 14:27:25 UTC957

Field Day Submissions Received

  • 2017 ARRL Field Day -

    This is a list of Field Day participant summaries received BY ALL METHODS (web app, email and mail) - for 2017 Field Day - as of the date and time indicated in the link name below:


    2017 Field Day summaries--as of  9am EDT August 28


    Several lines in the Summaries List have this statement in YELLOW highlight and we have assembled this list of Call-Signs at the bottom of the file:

    "Checklog - Contact ARRL Contest Branch - Email:"


    If your listing has this statement, we will have emailed you a request for missing documents (usually a missing 2-Page Summary Sheet). Be sure to follow up with us if your listing is so notated.


    DX stations (outside Region 2 {the Americas}) will not be included in the final published results (for Field Day, DX stations are categorized as checklogs).


    Only Class A and Class F club names will be published (names are matched against call sign data bases or the ARRL Club Affiliations Database, and/or are abbreviated to conserve space).


    The Field Day web app has been turned off for 2017 - contact the ARRL Contest Branch at  ASAP about any problems with an entry (as all published deadlines have now passed).