Logs Received

The following is the list of Logs Received for the 2013 2013 ARRL Field Day.

This list includes all receipted electronic submissions and is automatically updated several times during the day. It is not "instantaneous" so it may be several hours before the list is next updated.

If you submitted your entry electronically and do not find your log listed, first please check to see that you received back a numbered receipt from the ARRL Contest Robot. If you have a numbered receipt and your log does not appear within several hours, please contact with your receipt number and they will look into the matter during regular ARRL business hours.

If you received a message with a subject line beginning "UNABLE TO PROCESS LOG SUBMISSION" there was a problem with your entry. Please refer to the text of that email and correct the problems found by the robot. Until you receive a numbered receipt, you do not have an entry in the contest log queue.

Please check your information carefully after it is posted on the Logs Received list. If you have received a numbered receipt, the robot is satisfied that all of the information you submitted is acceptable. The robot has no way of knowing if all of the information is correct, however. For example, you may have indicated a category the robot recognizes, but it may not be the category in which you participated. If you discover an error in your category or Section information after it is posted, you may simply correct your Cabrillo file header and re-submit the entry.

PAPER LOGS will only be added to the queue after the submission deadline has passed and they have been initialized into the database. This could be up to 4-6 weeks after the contest submission deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact me at or by phone at 860-594-0232. Thanks and 73.

ARRL Contest Branch Manager

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Field Day Logs Received

  • 2016 ARRL Field Day -

    The list of Entries Received for Field Day is not an automated process.  Entries received via the website are normally manually added once per day on ARRL business days.  Paper entries are only added after the Logs Received deadline has passed and all paper entries have been processed.  This generally is completed by around August 15.  Once the combined (electronic and paper) list is posted, participants are allowed 10 days to contact the ARRL Contest Branch if a potential problem/error is detected.

    Click here for the list of logs received via the web applet as of 11:00 AM Monday July 25.