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3Y0Z Bouvet Island DXpedition Team Still at the Dock


The 3Y0Z Bouvet Island DXpedition team's vessel remains at the dock in Punta Arenas, Chile. Their vessel, MV Betanzos did leave the harbor yesterday and then returned. “This was for some kind of inspection, which they passed,” The Daily DX reported.

The Bouvet MapShare website appears to show that the vessel remains docked. On January 16, the team reported that preparations to depart were continuing, “albeit at a somewhat slower pace than hoped.” The Betanzos is fueled, and all DXpedition gear, food, supplies, and medical and survival gear is onboard. Team members completed required cold-water survival, CPR, and fire-fighting training. The voyage across the South Atlantic to Bouvet is expected to take from 10 to 12 days.

“We remain confident in our success, and are anxiously waiting to get underway,” the DXpedition team said on its website. “Whatever further delay we encounter will not impact our results on the island.” It’s anticipated that 3Y0Z will be on the air from Bouvet before month’s end.