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A Saint Croix Radio Holiday


Stand by pileup, Europe, Japan, USA, South Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. You want to know why I am coming in so strong. You want to know why I call this a paradise location with a paradise station. Well, for starters, I was using an Alpha 87a 1500 W amplifier. Most hams dream of an amplifier sitting next to the transceiver. Double this and you have a dream station that most hams would envy. Add to this, a 6 element 20 meter Yagi, a 3 element 40 meter Yagi, a two element 80 meter Yagi and a sloper for 160. In addition, we had several multielement antennas for 30, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters. Mix in a 7 element on 6 meters. Top this off with great accommodations with all antennas overlooking the ocean and you get the point.

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