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Aborted 3Y0Z Bouvet DXpedition Offers Donation Refund Options


Leaders of the 3Y0Z Bouvet Island DXpedition, which was abruptly aborted last February before the team was able to land on the island, are offering several options for partial refunds to those who contributed to their venture. The turn of events was a huge disappointment for the DX community, as well as for the DXpedition team.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank you again for your financial support,” DXpedition co-leader and Chief Financial Officer Bob Allphin, K4UEE, said in a statement. “The DXpedition team members are all extremely disappointed that we were not able to complete our mission. We were offshore Bouvet for 3 days and encountered extreme weather conditions. While fighting hurricane-force winds, one of our vessel’s engines was over-stressed and a critical coupling failed. The ship’s captain had no choice but to abort the DXpedition for safety reasons. It was the correct decision, but a huge disappointment after almost 3 years of planning.” Allphin said all DXpedition accounts now have been settled

“After all this, I am happy to report we have a balance in our accounts. I am able to offer you a 48% refund of your original contribution to 3Y0Z. All supporters of our DXpedition are offered the same percentage regardless of whether they are a DX foundation, DX club, individual DXer, or DXpedition team member. This is the only fair way to do this,” Allphin explained. There are five refund options:

1. Refund the contribution. Allphin said refunds for individuals would be made via PayPal, but he asked those who contributed $30 or less to forgo their refunds and donate them to the 3Y0Z team.

2. Donate any refund to the 3Y0Z team. Allphin pointed out that team members “invested considerable money, time, and effort to try to make this DXpedition a success.”

3. Donate any refund to the Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) in the contributor’s name, to help fund future DXpeditions.

4. Donate any refund to the International DX Foundation (INDEXA) in the contributor’s name, to help fund future DXpeditions.

5. The default option: For those who do not respond, the 3Y0Z team will divvy the contribution among the 3Y0Z team, NCDXF, INDEXA, and the German DX Foundation (GDXF) — the DXpedition’s largest financial supporters.

The deadline to request a refund or to select a specific beneficiary under options 1 – 4 is March 15, 2019. “It is not necessary to contact me,” Allphin said. “If I do not hear from you by the deadline, I will assume the default option.” Otherwise, contact Allphin via email.

Bouvet Island currently is the second most-wanted DXCC entity, behind North Korea. The 3Y0Z DXpedition, comprised of top operators with considerable DXpedition experience, had attracted contributions from clubs and individuals around the world.

A dependency of Norway, Bouvet is a subantarctic island in the South Atlantic. The last Bouvet activation was 3Y0E, during a scientific expedition over the winter of 2007 – 2008. 



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